70.1. AWS IQ experts („providers“) offer their services („provider services“) as independent contractors and are not collaborators to you or us. AWS is not a part of the agreement between you and the suppliers for their service providers, is not responsible or responsible for supplier services and does not guarantee the quality or accuracy of service providers. In order to avoid any doubt, any certification that a supplier receives from us only certifies that the supplier has passed a test to assess the supplier`s skills and understanding for a specific AWS service or area of knowledge to which this certification relates, and does not guarantee that the supplier`s services are performed at a specific level of quality, speed or requirement. 4.4 End-user support. You are responsible for providing after-sales service (if any) to end-users. We do not offer any support or service to end-users unless we have a separate agreement with you or an end-user that requires us to provide support or services. 42.8. Forums; Submissions. In addition to your LM-Forks distribution rights in the Lumberyard Git archive, described above, you can include up to 50 lines of source code for Lumberyard materials to discuss this code during lumberyard discussion on our forums or elsewhere. You need to identify us as a source of code. „Lumberyard submissions“ are content related to Lumberyard materials (including LM Forks) that you publish or transmit to other developer discussion websites, sample code repositories, or other AWS or public forums.

You grant us a non-exclusive, global, permanent, irrevocable, transferable, under-conceded, free and fully paid license under all intellectual property rights on your Lumberyard and (ii) AWS bids the same rights to your Lumberyard bids as those granted to Lumberyard hardware. You guarantee and guarantee that you have all the rights necessary to grant the above licence and that your Lumberyard bids do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties or violate this Agreement. „Service Level Agreement“ refers to all service level agreements that we offer for services and that we publish on the AWS website, because we can update them from time to time. The service level agreements we currently offer with respect to services are ataws.amazon.com/ec2-sla/, aws.amazon.com/s3-sla/, aws.amazon.com/cloudfront/sla,aws.amazon.com/route53/sla and aws.amazon.com/rds/sla.