But it is difficult to answer that question and there is uncertainty. What is „normal business“? Wikipedia gives us an explanation that is not very useful. Blacks Law Dictionary is helpful. You define „business history“ as „the normal routine in running a business or business.“ And a „business“ such as „a business venture that continues for profit; a specific job or job that is usually performed for subsistence or profit purposes.“ And „normal“ as „to occur in the regular course of events.“ The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) applies when your business has annual sales or assets of less than R2 million and your owner who leases the property normally does so. Under this law, the landlord is considered a supplier, and you the tenant will be the consumer. This means that a lessor will not be able to enforce the lease that does not comply with the provisions of the law. The sections above are vague and broad, so it is recommended that landlords seek professional advice and confirm that their leases are fair and reasonable and that their conditions are in accordance with the requirements of the law. Some provisions may even be separated from a tenancy agreement by a court on the grounds that they are inappropriate or unfair under the law. The tenant can also say that he/she did not understand the terms of the tenancy agreement and that the responsibility to prove otherwise rests with the landlord, as explained here. There are ways to do this successfully and most of them include alternative dispute resolution measures such as interventions, mediations, comparisons and arbitration; but disputes may also be the answer if the lessor himself violated the lease agreement or if the landlord or his representatives oversold the property, exaggerated the foot traffic and led to your signing of the lease by undue influence; and, in some cases, even coercion. I would like to terminate my lease, but I have to give notice without notice (shown in the lease). Is this still the case at times like this, and should I still pay for May and June, if I do it today? The CPA talks more than 20 days in advance, how does this affect my situation? As I said before; You can`t just terminate a lease.

The problem with this section is that it can have a negative effect on landlords` use of leases as collateral in other transactions, since the tenant is able to terminate them with only 20 days` notice.