There are many objects of wear that, in general, do not prevent the elevator from working, but perhaps still in need of maintenance. If cabin interiors, including walls, floors, carpets, doors and sleepers, are polluted, damaged or otherwise worn out, your elevator maintenance contract will likely not cover the damage. These are normal wear and tear items. Similarly, bulbs can be excluded in the cabin or a swampy pump in the elevator pit. Typically, other companies, such as telephone service providers or electricity providers, offer services for devices that lead to elevator control. The elevator service company takes care of all other elevators from the order. This article will contribute to that. Let`s dive into the essential details of your elevator maintenance contract and extract the critical elements. Preventive maintenance: this would involve proactive preventive maintenance to examine, lubricate, adjust and document the condition of the equipment. The documentation would help monitor the expected cycle of components to repair them before a failure. This requirement must comply at least with the minimum requirements of the manufacturer and the lift code. Spare parts cover: all components are included. This means that the contract covers unusual components that need to be repaired, adapted or replaced.

The flat-rate monthly fee serves as an insurance policy for each device in the elevator. You do not pay the costs of equipment or work necessary for the repair. Most buildings do not notice a lack of maintenance until after the elevator stops or after an inspector gives a quote. Kone Spares is a company dedicated to the sale of parts for elevators and escalators manufactured by Kone. They also offer parts for other manufacturers such as Schindler and ThyssenKrupp. Parts, Oil and Grease (POG) A POG contract can be a desirable solution for companies with large surface participation, extensive elevator systems, qualified in-house personnel of mechanics and the financial resources to ensure responsibility for the relevance system. A developer must also be prepared to assume the burden of coordinating what is covered by the contract and what is done by internal staff. Reading only an elevator service contract can be intimidating, but if you start comparing one company`s contract with another, it will be difficult. Connect your elevator to the Internet to get all elevator functions. You buy a sophisticated device. Sometimes you can upgrade the device for a bit of a fee to diagnose problems before they occur, which would pay off over time.

Your maintenance contract can be used to reduce future elevator repair costs. And purchasing power is maximized while you are in the maintenance market. How do you know which companies can expect your elevators? It would be helpful if you took into account the components of each device that are the most broken. Make sure these items are stored on-site as part of the elevator service and repair contract. Most elevator maintenance contracts include an auto-renewal clause, an Evergreen clause, or a rollover clause (all three mean the same thing). If you want to negotiate a new agreement, you must first check the language of termination of your existing contract, specifically when or if it will be renewed. We propose to rewrite this section of the contract to allow offers from other elevator repair companies. Elevator maintenance contracts are an investment in the performance and longevity of your elevator systems.

Routine maintenance helps avoid the effects of wear and tear and possible failures that could be very costly for you and very uncomfortable for your drivers. I liked your advice to follow the history of elevator service. My brother is building a new office, including elevators. I will let him know that he should keep detailed records of the waiting date. .