Buyers today are street smart. They require the seller to provide original ownership documents before the deed of sale is executed. The most common reason is „My bank needs original documents to process home loan“. I propose to my clients not to have an original document before the execution of the deed of sale. This is a resounding „no“. Some mortgage providers require original documents for the processing of mortgages. I do not understand the reason and the underlying logic. You should clearly discuss the same before accepting Token Money. It is good to include in the contract of sale a clause according to which the seller will hand over original documents at the time of execution of the deed of sale. In the future, the buyer may trap you and claim compensation from the seller because they did not provide documents for processing housing construction loans. Submit these appeal recordings to the court as evidence to show that this is inexeligibility on the part of the developer and not on the part of you. You must prove that you were and are willing to fulfill your part of the agreement. 3.

If the seller is waiting for the loan to be released, it is good for you to continue the sale after the loan has been sanctioned. (1) As a general rule, sales contracts which mention only the exact duration and dates may be treated in such a way that the time is not linked to the contract and that, therefore, the contract can be considered valid for a period of three years from the date of performance. Therefore, the contract of sale must not be invalidated and therefore must not renounce. 1) The clauses you mentioned in the purchase agreement and the schedule therein work accordingly. Personally, I have observed that another major mistake is to require a real estate valuation corresponding to projects under construction in the region. The price of projects under construction is always excessive. The resale property is sold with a slight reduction compared to the project under construction. Is the sales contract still valid? Is it extended after the 4 months indicated? What step do we need to take? Can we sell the land to a new person? A buyer should always be aware of the words quoted in the sales agreement as well as in the deed of sale, as this tends to protect his interests. The buyer should be aware of fraudulent sellers and always inspect.

There have been many cases where the buyer processes the letter of award in such a way that the buyer grants him the rights to the property and, in the eyes of the law, he is not the owner of the property mentioned, even after payment of the full amount. This is one of the biggest flaws in the real estate transaction….