More information about creating newspaper entries for discounts can be found in Chapter 45, „Update Information.“ In the example above, when you purchase 500 items, you are entitled to a total discount of 500.00, regardless of the 100.00 discount you may have already obtained for the purchase of 100 items. If, in AX 2012 R3, a value in the In qty or An amount is available and the total amount of sale or total amount exceeds that value, certain combinations of low-line type and amount type values may result in incorrect calculations of the discount amounts. Therefore, the following combinations are not allowed and you will receive a message if you try to enter them into the agreement: The system stores information about discount agreements in the purchase discount base table (F4340). You can enter several thresholds for a discount agreement. You can get z.B a discount for the purchase of 100 widgets and another discount for the purchase of 500 widgets. If you enter multiple thresholds, you must enter thresholds or amounts in ascending order. A discount group is made up of materials that you want to apply at the same discount. Your system administrator can set the discount group based on the organization`s needs in customizing for distribution. You specify a type of threshold to indicate whether a discount agreement is based on a quantity you buy or an amount you buy. You specify a type of discount to indicate whether you should receive a certain amount of discount or a percentage of the purchase amount. You may need to create discounts that don`t depend on hardware, but z.B. of: The amount of the discount or the percentage of purchases that determines the amount of the discount Repeat steps 12 to 15 to add a line for each range of values to be included in the discount calculation. You can assign material to a discount group in the MMR: view- Sales, field- Rebate Grp.

If you create a cond data set, you need to enter a clearing material. Types of discount agreements: Select accounts to use for discount program expenses in the Accounts field group. Once you have entered basic information about a discount agreement, you must specify the inclusion rules that indicate what you need to buy to get the discount. The system applies purchases on a discount agreement based on one of the following: The items you need to buy or the account numbers you need to buy against to get the discount. You can enter a note about a discount agreement. If a memo is present, the words See memo at the top of the form are displayed or the system highlights the chord number. Retroactive processing of rebates: You can create a discount contract for which the start date of the validity period is in the past. The system takes into account all the billing documents related to the reduction established between the start date of validity and the date you created the rebate contract. In addition to the credit requirement, the system automatically creates a corrective sales document (type B2) for this amount. Create the discount agreement in the usual way.

The system recognizes that the rebate agreement is retroactive. Delete discount agreements: – Enter the „no“ to the discount agreement you want to charge.