In Texas, most leases last 12 months. If you decide to terminate prematurely for no physical reason, you must maintain your end for the remaining period. For example, advance six months before the lease expires and your landlord could recover the remaining six months you owe, even if you no longer occupy the site. Whether it`s ignorance of the rules or life getting in the way, tenants who break the lease are not uncommon in the state of Texas. Whatever the reason, the lease is contrary to a contract, and it is never a problem to be taken lightly. As a general rule, the Texas Apartment Association recommends that landlords pay 85% of the monthly rent to cover early rental costs. In extreme circumstances, a landlord may sue a delinquent former tenant for a previous rent. Most of these cases are heard in court of small claims with the maximum claim of $10,000. The following are cases where the breach of a lease in Texas is legally justified: signing a lease means that a tenant agrees to live in your rental unit for the duration of the contract. When a tenant breaks this legally binding agreement, it is considered to break the lease and there are often consequences. As noted above, the reasons for the lease may or may not be justified.

If this is legally justified, it means that tenants no longer have additional responsibilities under the tenancy agreement. All they have to do is serve you with the proper communication and, if necessary, provide any evidence. When a tenant is a victim or parent or guardian of a victim of certain offences related to sexual abuse or harassment that occurred in the last 6 months, the tenant may terminate his tenancy agreement prematurely by providing documents relating to the offence and submitting 30 days of written notification to the landlord. You`ll have to get undressed from the rent. For more information on the violations covered by this Law and the requirements to be protected, see Section 92.0161 of the Texas Property Code. Read on to learn more about the termination terms and the rent termination process in Texas. Monthly leases are very short term that can be easily terminated by the landlord or tenant. Monthly leases are those for which the initial tenancy period has expired and tenants do not rent new ones.

In this case, the terms of your original lease should require that the lease be maintained on a „month-by-month“ basis and may be terminated at any time by sufficient notification. Disclaimer: This blog is not a substitute for legal advice by a qualified lawyer. If you have any further questions or need further explanation, please seek specialized legal advice or contact a property management company. If a tenant or resident is a survivor of domestic violence within the meaning of section 71.004 of the Texas Family Code, he or she may terminate his tenancy agreement prematurely without liability by providing domestic violence documents and 30 days of written notification of the landlord`s extract. You`ll have to get undressed from the rent. For more information on the requirements to be protected under this act, see Section 92.016 of the Texas Property Code. Sometimes you have to cancel a lease prematurely because you didn`t pay rent or because you broke certain conditions.