As an experienced copy editor with a solid understanding of SEO, I understand the importance of producing high-quality content that drives traffic to your website. In this article, we`ll explore the concept of a “last chance agreement sample” and why it`s an important document for employers.

What is a Last Chance Agreement?

A last chance agreement (LCA) is a document that outlines a plan of action for an employee who has violated company policy but is being given a final opportunity to address the issue. These agreements are typically used in situations where an employee`s behavior is severe enough to warrant termination, but the employer wants to give the employee one last chance to correct the issue.

Why use a Last Chance Agreement?

There are several reasons why an employer may choose to use a last chance agreement:

1. Retain Valuable Employees: In some cases, an employee who has violated company policy may be a valuable asset to the company. By using an LCA, the employer can provide a clear roadmap for the employee to correct their behavior and retain their position.

2. Avoid Legal Issues: If an employee is terminated without a clear plan for improvement, they may have grounds to sue for wrongful termination. By using an LCA, the employer can provide evidence that they gave the employee a fair opportunity to improve their behavior.

3. Maintain Company Culture: If an employee`s behavior is disruptive to the workplace, it can impact the morale and productivity of other employees. A last chance agreement can help to maintain a positive company culture by addressing the issue and providing a path forward.

What should be included in a Last Chance Agreement?

A last chance agreement should include several key elements:

1. Explanation of the Violation: The agreement should clearly state what policy or behavior the employee has violated.

2. Expectations for Improvement: The agreement should outline specific steps that the employee must take to improve their behavior, including any training or counseling that may be necessary.

3. Consequences of Violating the Agreement: The agreement should specify what actions will be taken if the employee fails to comply with the terms of the agreement.

4. Signatures of Both Parties: Both the employee and employer should sign the agreement to indicate their understanding and acceptance of the terms.

Sample Last Chance Agreement

Here is a sample last chance agreement that can be customized for your specific needs:

Dear [Employee],

We are writing to inform you that your recent behavior has violated company policy. Specifically, your conduct has [insert violation].

We believe that you can improve your behavior and continue to be a valuable member of our team. In order to do so, we are providing you with a last chance agreement that outlines the specific steps you must take to improve your behavior.

Expectations for Improvement:

1. Attend counseling sessions with a licensed therapist to address the behavior. You will provide proof of attendance to the company.

2. Complete an online training course on [insert topic].

3. Meet with your supervisor on a weekly basis to discuss progress.

Consequences of Violating the Agreement:

If you fail to comply with the terms of the agreement, you will be terminated immediately.

Please sign this agreement to indicate your understanding and acceptance of the terms.



[Employee signature] [Date]

[Employer signature] [Date]


A last chance agreement can be an effective tool for employers to improve employee behavior and avoid legal issues. By including specific expectations for improvement and consequences for violating the agreement, both employers and employees can have a clear understanding of what is expected. With a well-crafted last chance agreement in place, employers can retain valuable employees and maintain a positive company culture.